Here are some of our most popular guided hikes including easy, medium, and difficult levels. Tours are in small groups, usually 2-8 people, and led by experienced local guides. We can also run tours for bigger groups – please contact us in advance.

For those who have been to this part of the island many times, we can also offer other spectacular hikes not listed here. Talk to us and let us know what you would like to see or do!  

Hotel pickup and dropoff are included if you are staying in Alcudia, Puerto Alcudia, Puerto Pollensa, Playa de Muro or Can Picafort. Hotel pick-up from other parts of the island may be possible for groups of 4 or more – please contact us.

1. Alcudia Coastal Walk

Grade: Easy / Duration: 2-3 hours / Cost: 30€ pp

This mainly level walk will take us along the hidden rocky coves of the suburbs of Barcares, Morer Vermell, and Manresa where locals go for a swim in summer. We will also discover a quarry dating back to Roman times, where stone (mares) was cut for building houses. The views of Puerto Pollensa and the Formentor peninsula are spectacular. From there, it is only a short walk to the picturesque sandy beaches of Sant Pere and Sant Joan. In summer you can have a short swim there before we had back to the historic old town of Alcudia.

2. Boquer Valley Walk

Grade: Easy / Duration: 3 hours / Cost: 40€ pp

A gentle walk through the lush green Boquer Valley with its interesting vegetation and bird life down to the beach of Cala Boquer. After walking past the Boquer Estate built in the 17th century, we follow a narrow path up to an impressive rock formation. Shortly after, it is all gently sloping downhill to Cala Boquer, as we are surrounded by the impressive rock cliffs of the Serra Cavall Bernat and the Serra de Albercutx. After a short rest at the crystal clear waters of  Cala Boquer (or even a swim), we head back up.

3. La Victoria

Grade: Medium / Duration: 4 hours / Cost: 40€ pp

Enjoy breathtaking panoramic views over the Bay of Pollensa and the Formentor peninsula on your way from the Ermita La Victoria up to the summit of Penya Rotja. After a short climb on a forest path, we take a small trail which offers fantastic ocean views. After passing through a hole in a watchtower, there is a narrow trail with a safety chain we can hold on to. The trail is not difficult, but you should be able to handle heights. The last part to the summit is steep and requires some sure-footedness. At the summit platform, you will find an old cannon and enjoy amazing views over Formentor and Cap de Pinar.

4. Smuggler's Cave

Grade: Medium / Duration: 4-5 hours / Cost: 40€ pp

An adventure for the whole family! We explore an undeveloped cave, which was used as a hiding place by smugglers in the past. The walk starts on a forest road and leads to a small path through a pine forest. After walking down a steep grassy slope, we reach a cliff. The climb along the cliff on a narrow rocky path is steep and requires sure-footedness. The entrance to the cave is just 20m above sea level. The interior of the cave is quite spectacular. You can admire stunning stalactite and stalacmite formations with head torches that we provide. The cave is about 500m long with smaller chambers and a big hall. 

5. Formentor

Grade: Medium / Duration: 5 hours / Cost: 50€ pp

When hiking on the Formentor peninsula, you are rewarded with incredible panoramic views.  From Cala Figuera, we climb up  a steep staircase (a head for heights and sure-footedness is required) and a steep rocky slope to the top of Fumat. On our way down to Cala Murta, we follow a former donkey path originally built to transport building material to the lighthouse. In summer, a refreshing  swim  in the beautiful Cala Murta is a must! From there, we follow a small path along the bay to Es Castellet where we enjoy spectacular ocean views, before walking back on a forest path to the carpark.

6. Santuari de Lluc

Grade: Easy / Duration: 4-5 hours / Cost: 50€ pp

The Santuari de Lluc is an important religious and cultural centre for the Mallorcans, attracting more than 1 million pilgrims and tourists every year. Located in a valley and surrounded by Malloca’s highest peaks, the area around the Santuari de Lluc is a paradise for hikers. We visit the Santuari first, and then follow an old Roman highway to explore the beautiful holmoak forests around the Santuari. Admire the spectacular limestone formations of Lluc’s karstic landscape, and enjoy amazing panoramic views of the mountains and valley, and visit historic sites depicting the traditional life of past generations. 

7. Torrent de Mortitx

Grade: Difficult / Duration: 6 hours / Cost: 60€ pp

A strenuous hike through one of the wildest areas in the Serra de Tramuntana, but this is one of our favourite hikes because of its remoteness. Don’t expect to meet too many people here. It starts as a leisurely stroll through vineyards and olive groves, but on our way down to the impressive Torrent Fondo, it is all high grass, spikey bush, and rocky terrain. Sure-footedness is required inside the Torrent, and to make it all the way to the spectacular ocean cliff and the massive ‘Cova de les Bruixes’, good fitness is a must. Coming back up alongside the Torrent is a long steady climb through rugged and beautiful scenery.

8. Torrent de Pareis

Grade: Difficult / Duration: 6 hours / Cost: 60€ pp

This is arguably Mallorca’s most famous and spectacular hiking tour. It is a must-do on every hiker’s wish list. Good fitness, hiking shoes, and sure-footedness are necessary for this amazing canyon. After zigzagging down a grassy slope for more than an hour, we scramble up and down big rocks inside the canyon. Some parts are steep and we need to hold onto the rock when climbing down.  After about 4 hours inside the Torrent, we  get rewarded with a refreshing swim at Sa Calobra or a beer at the beach bar.

9. Puig de Massanella

Grade: Difficult / Duration: 6-7 hours / Cost: 55€ pp

Join us on this breathtaking climb to Puig Massanella, Mallorca’s second-highest peak. Good physical condition, sure-footedness and hiking shoes are necessary for this long tour. Since we are climbing up to 1365m, appropriate clothing is required as it can get pretty cold and windy at the top. Also bring along sufficient water.

There are different routes up to the top. We usually take the less-frequented ones not mentioned in the main guide books. On the summit, we will be rewarded with amazing panoramic views over the whole island.

10. Valldemossa Hike & Sightseeing

Grade: Easy-Medium / Duration: all day / Cost: 65€ pp

Explore the beautiful village of Valldemossa and its surroundings. We begin with a 3-4 hours hike in Muntanya del Voltor, a private nature reserve with limited access. We climb up a steep forest track, and be rewarded with incredible views over the mountains and coastline. After the hike, we visit the charming centre of Valldemossa with its unique shops and galleries. Stroll through the narrow alleys with decorative flowers and pot plants lining the sides of the street. Then we relax in a traditional bakeshop and enjoy Mallorquin specialities like coca de patata or tarta de almendra.