Welcome to Mallorca!

Active Alcudia was founded in April 2015 by us, Patrick and Gerd (more about us below).  Our office is located in the historic old town of Alcudia in the north of Mallorca.  

We both share a passion for showing visitors Mallorca’s most stunning places from a local perspective. Whenever possible, we try to avoid crowded places. We prefer to keep our groups small – to avoid the negative impacts of mass tourism and also to be able to talk and socialise with our guests for a more personal experience. 

You are welcome to come and talk to us in our office. If we are not there, we are out on a tour so please send us a WhatsApp or Email (click here).

Get in touch and we promise you a memorable Mallorcan holiday!

Patrick portrait


Gerd portrait


Patrick is originally from France, but has also worked and lived in Morocco and England.  In the last 24 years, he has called Mallorca home. He started the first kayaking business on the island. Having organised and guided kayaking, boat, hiking and coasteering tours in the north of Mallorca for many years, he got to know the island extremely well. Patrick is fluent in Spanish, French, English and German and enjoys having conversations with people from all different backgrounds. His laid-back attitude and sense of humor will guarantee that you have an interesting and fun time.

Gerd was born in Germany where his passion for mountain climbing started at the age of 4 when his grandfather pulled him up on a rope in the mountains of the German Alps. He went on to teach English and Geography at high school and later moved to Sydney, Australia. He lived in Sydney for 12 years running a tennis school full-time, as well as teaching at the German International School. In his spare time, he enjoyed Australia´s beach lifestyle – swimming, diving and snorkelling. Gerd moved to Mallorca 5 years ago where he now guides kayaking, coasteering, snorkelling, and hiking tours. Even when not on tour, Gerd loves exploring places off the beaten track around Mallorca.